Marco Verni

Marco Verni was born in Forlì on September 16, 1966.

At the age of 7 he bought his first issue of Zagor and since then he has never stopped reading it, indeed, since 2000 he has even joined the staff of designers of the famous Bonellian character without ever having published even a comic strip before.

He did not have a scholastic artistic training, as he obtained the diploma of commercial operator and subsequently dedicated himself to various jobs, keeping that of drawing as a single and simple passion.

In the second half of the nineties he began to develop this passion in his spare time, starting to draw some Zagor boards under the supervision (and advice) of his friend the designer Davide Fabbri.

At the same time he contacted Moreno Burattini, at the time screenwriter, then later also curator of Zagor, submitting his immature works.

It is not without difficulty and thanks above all to the patience and availability of Puppets that within a few years the quality of the drawings improves until he deserves the realization of some official test tables that subjected to the judgment of the publishing house, will ensure that Sergio Bonelli himself decides to put him to the test by personally checking (generous with advice) the tables of his first story.

From then until today he draws uninterruptedly and exclusively the tables of the Spirit with the Axe, being appreciated by readers thanks to a style that refers to that of the master Gallieno Ferri.