Vittorio Giardino is the finest Italian comic book author.

His meticulous and impeccable style allows him to range between genres, with a foray into detective stories, eros, spy stories and coming-of-age novels that have conquered international audiences.

Giardino’s comics are characterized by the choice of often obscure historical settings, including the periods of Nazism, the Spanish Civil War and Stalinism, allowing their author to stage increasingly refined and full-bodied stories with a wide variety of genres, passing from the hard-boiled of Sam Pezzo to the sociopolitical spy story of Max Fridman, to the erotic comic strip with Little Ego, up to Jonas Fink, a coming-of-age novel of a young Prague Jew from the post-war period to the fall of the wall.

Giardino is best known in Italy, France and the USA and his works have been published in eighteen countries and translated into fourteen languages.

Cartoon Club dedicates a solo exhibition to the master of international comics with a wide selection of original plates that trace his extraordinary career.Vittorio Giardino is also the author of the Cartoon Club 2024 Manifesto celebrating the 40th Edition of the Rimini Festival.

The program 2024

Event location and date

From 15 July to 18 August
from 09:00 to 18:00
Augeo Art Space
Corso d’Augusto, 217
47921 Rimini


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