Cartoon Club Artistic Director

caricatura Sabrina Zanetti

Sabrina Zanetti

She selects the films in competition, organizes the programming of screenings and photographic exhibitions, organizes artistic guests and manages public relations with institutions and sponsors

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Riminicomix Coordinator

caricatura Alberto Brambilla

Alberto Brambilla

He organizes and takes care of the comics exhibitions and the schedule of meetings in Palazzina Roma, as well as keeping in touch with the publishers and cartoonists guests of the event.

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Scientific consultant for the comics area

caricatura Loris Cantelli

Loris Cantarelli

He directs the monthly magazine Fumo di China on comics and animated cinema and collaborates in meetings with the guest authors of the event

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Director of the comics area

caricatura Paolo Guiducci

Paolo Guiducci

He organizes the events related to the comics area, coordinates the Fede a Strisce and Franco Fossati awards and the original comic publications of the festival

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Digital Marketing Manager

caricatura Claudio Rossi

Claudio Rossi

He takes care of the development of the site, elaborates digital communication strategies and integrates communication.

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Exhibition set-ups and selection of short films

caricatura Roberto Sardo

Roberto Sardo

He has been part of the "historical" organizing group of Cartoon Club since 1992, dealing with exhibition set-ups, short film selection, contacts for international festivals, guest authors.

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Enrico Lo Cascio

Enrico Lo Cascio

Enrico Lo Cascio is Social Media manager of Cartoon Club and Riminicomix since 2022

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Head of Riminicomix and administration

Valentina Grazia

Valentina Grazia coordinates and manages every aspect of the organization, ensuring the success of the event

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Social Media Manager

caricatura Alex Polianski

Alexei "Alex" Polianski

Alexei Polianski, social media manager, translator and interpreter and consultant for tourism and immigration, collaborates with Cartoon Club since 2023

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Organizing Director

caricatura Mirco Casadei

Mirco Casadei

Mirco Casadei

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Head of Film Programming

Paolo Pagliarani

Paolo Pagliarani

Paolo Pagliarani is in charge of the selection of the works with the artistic direction. His experience and expertise allow him to identify the most interesting productions and offer an immersive screening experience to the audience

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caricatura di Loretta Noè


She has been collaborating with Cartoon Club since 2011 in the organization of the workshops and the Kids Jury reserved for the summer camps of the municipality of Rimini.

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