Cartoon Club Award 2024

Dedicated to animated films produced by professional directors and Italian and foreign production companies.

Animation short films made by professional directors, animation studios and production companies, participate in the Cartoon Club Award.

They are a large overview of industry trends, progress in animation techniques and the themes that artists feel the need to address in their films.

The screenings

15 – 21 July Cortile Biblioteca Gambalunga, Cineteca comunale (historic centre)

18 – 21 July Palazzina del Turismo Piazzale Fellini (marina centro)

List of films in competition

The films will be screened during the course of the event

Sweet bon bons by Mei-Jun Chen

School:Ling Tung University
Taiwan, 2023 (8’27”)

The relationship between two sisters is strained due to their parents’ lack of involvement, being too lenient with one girl and too harsh with the other. The tension climaxes when one sister finds a peculiar doll left in a cardboard box.

Behind by Wun-Wei Wu, Yan Jhu, Chong-Yan Chen, Yuan-Fei Wang

School: National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Taiwan, 2023/ 9’54”

In a future world where the oceans have desiccated and humanity has been trapped for generations within a colossal circular mountain, a scholar and his assistant. embark on a journey towards the colossal stone gate, the only way out.

Remains by Ciao-Jie Jhang

School: National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Taiwan, 2023 (6’20”)

Two boys met and became friends because of a shared passion for airplanes. But the two are bullied and their dreams treated like nothing but a joke and face a decision: stay true to themselves or conform to others’ expectations?

Flashbacker by Yi-Jhen Hong, You-Cheng Chen

School: National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Taiwan, 2023 (5’25”)

The story depicts the tale of a family that lives between real life and a virtual reality created by technological devices. But as the father strives to return to reality, the mother is too engrossed in the virtual realm.

Doodle in class by Yu-Yan Li

school: National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Taiwan, 2023 (3’19”)

Xiao Feng, is doodling on her exam paper when she discovers that she can enter her doodles to fast travel around the classroom. When she gets discovered by her teacher, the two of them engage in a chase battle.

Missing di Yan-Bo Li, Yu-Shu Lyu, Yin-Jhen Cai

school: National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Taiwan, 2023 (7’01”)

The story revolves around an elderly protagonist with senile dementia living with his only daughter. Despite her love and sense of duty towards her father, the daughter gradually becomes physically and mentally exhausted and in the end she reluctantly decides to send her father to a nursing home.

We are the same by Yu-Jie Luo

school: National Taipei University of Business
Taiwan, 2023 (3’12”)

A tall and short character’s daily life differ a lot due to their heigh, however, at the end of the day, laying on a grassfield, they enjoy the same sunset with the same perspective.

Nano by Ka-Yan Kwong

school: Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Taiwan, 2023 (3’38”)

This short film wants to narrate what life is like inside of Hong Kongs’ nano apartments.

Dear by Sin-Ning Syong, Jia-Yun Siao

school: National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Tech
Taiwan, 2023 (5’38”)

A lone boy lives in his house in the woods without ever going out, since all his daily needs and desires are fulfilled by the parcels that he receives every day. One day, someone sneaks in the house and makes friends with the boy, but the house doesn’t seem very happy about that.

Padre by Quan-Shan Lin

school: Chaoyang University of Technology
Taiwan, 2023 (6’5”)

A skilled glass artisan from Murano island grew distant from his son, Tino, after the tragic loss of his wife. Tino mischievously acts out, hoping to catch his father’s affection.

The terminal station di Yu-Ju Chen

school:National Pingtung University
Taiwan, 2023 (6’24”)

While he is waiting alone on a train platform, a man remembers his mother and how they used to travel together when he was a kid. But as the sweet memories flood back, here comes he remorse for the coldness he used to treat her with in the later years.

Biscoot by Kaushani Majumder

school: Royal College of Art
United Kingdom, 2023 (3’50”)

18 year old Em leaves on a train, along with a tin of biscuits from his grandmother. On this journey of life, people come and go, as he keeps eating and sharing his biscuits. When one last biscuit is left, will he eat it as his grandma ment or save it as a final link to her home?

Night market by Yingyu Zhu, Chenyi Zhu, Xinyu Sun

school: School of Visual Arts
USA, 2023 (4’27”)

Guided by butterflies, a little girl suffering from cancer sneaks out from the hospital. She gets to enjoy for a night the lights and the freedom of the streets of the city.

No photography by Lance Haug, Grace Redclift, Kaifu Tan, Shan Wei Wang

school: School of Visual Arts
USA, 2023 (5’52”)

A high-tech thief’s perfect museum heist is interrupted when a peculiar tourist insists on taking pictures of every exhibit.

God Glasses by Astro Seunghwa Lee, Jason Jaymin Han, Yuji Huan

school: School of Visual Arts
USA, 2023 (4’22”)

Thanks to the advanced technology of God Glasses, Charles and his daughter April explore fantastical worlds…hiding away from the real one.

Neat by Wonro Lee, Yu Jin Jung

school: School of Visual Arts
USA, 2023 (3’5”)

A compulsively organized girl, Somin, is finishing her art project, as she receives a pair of magic boots that start to mess up not just her tidy room, but her art project as well.

Bottom of the well by Xinyu Shen, Charlie Yuying Luo

school: School of Visual Arts
USA, 2023 (4’22”)

A little Mouse falls into a well and meets a seedling who offers them an escape plan.

Friday-fair by Luiza Alberti

school: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Australia, 2023 (3’38”)

Series of fragmented slice-of-life vignettes take place on each day of the week, from Saturday to Friday.

Live today!!! by Evelin Mariana Maris Mora

school: Universidad de Artes Digitales
Mexico, 2023 (5’24”)

A mother has to decide between her daughter’s breakfast and her job interview. The pressure and indecision will interfere with the two things.

To be a seed by Julia Granillo Tostado

school:LUCA School of Arts
Mexico, 2023 (5’45”)

A story of a group of women/witches, their relationship with the earth and nature, and their freedom which allows them to turn into birds and fly. However, the increasing violence is drying out their lands and killing the women, who turn into dust.

Every other weekend by James Naughton

school:The National Film School at IADT
Ireland, 2023 (4’59”)

Desperate to escape from a routine of biweekly visits, a recently divorced father drags his two children camping to the west of Ireland.

#Doudouchallenge di Julie Majcher, Alexandra Delaunay-Fernandez, Sixtine Emerat, Marine Benabdallah-Crolais, Scott Pardailhé-Galabrun, Noémie Segalowicz

school:Supinfocom Rubika
Francia, 2023 (6’15”)

On the road to her family vacation, Olivia, a 10-year old girl hooked on her phone and social media, is abandoned by her parents in a highway service area. Alone with her bunny plushie, he tries to get her off her phone to play.

Are you there mr wolf? by Louise Laurent, Alizée Van de Valle, Emma Fessart, Jeanne Galland, Célina Lebon, Annouck François

school:Supinfocom Rubika
Francia 2023 (6’37”)

A little girl named Mischa lives in the suburbs of Moscow. She has just made a beautiful violin out of paper. She wants to play for the big monsters who live in the apartment. But the less they listen to her playing the violin, the more the Wolf dangerously prowls near her.

Little man di Pauline Pilarek, Aurélie Marchand, Laureline de Cremoux, Ariane Krief, Julie Olivieri, Clément Plays

school:Supinfocom Rubika
Francia, 2023 (5’20”)

Junior is a sensitive teenager. His father, on the other hand, is a gruff hunter, determined to turn his son into a man in his image. After disappointing his father once more during target practice, Junior takes the family rifle and heads off alone into the forest.

On the 8th day by Agathe Sénéchal, Alicia Massez, Elise Debruyne, Flavie Carin, Théo Duhautois

school:Pôle 3D
Francia, 2023 (8’12”)

It took 7 days to create the world, it only took one to disrupt its balance. This film shows the effect of pollution on the frail equilibrium of nature.

La revolution by Victor Patard, Margot Prud’homme, Juliette Taupe, Maya Rohmer Kretz, Amélie de Boëver

school:Ecole George Méliès
France, 2023 (7’)

In the kingdom of Stinky Scabiouse Village, King Emmanuel 1st ruled spreading terror until the peasant Maxe inadvertently changed the course of History.

Eusebeia by Sacha Doubroff, Emma Diderot, Marjorie Gautier, Elora Meunier, Celestin Lemaitre, Camille Chan

school:Ecole George Méliès
France, 2023 (7’38”)

A group of individuals bent under the weight of their bags, walk towards the promised land guided by a gigantic being. One of them, very weak, collapses. Alone, he needs to rebuild himself.

Fille fleur by Ju Teyssonneyre, Elsa Philippe, Lou Bauer, Mélodie Servoz, Graham Bekki, Nicolas Rachet

school:Ecole George Méliès
France, 2023 (6’47”)

Lost in the depth of the woods, a little fledgling who wants to fly is entrusted by strange flowers with the story of a woman longing to be free.

Imago by Elettra Eletto

school:IED Roma
Italy, 2023 (4’)

This short film deals with the theme of life cycle and rebirth through the story of a cobra moth.

What is left by Bianca Costanzo, Federica Tornaghi, Gaia De Napoli, Cristina Capoano

school:IED-Istituto Europeo di Design
Italy, 2023 (6’19”)

A man is left alone in the village where he was born. The man owns a restaurant and, despite the fact that his wife passed away and his daughter has left the town, he remains anchored in his old routine, continuing to run the tavern. One day, drawing out of boredom, he realizes that he can repopulate his tavern by drawing people from his past.

Dôma by Chiara Seveso

Italy, 2023 (4’)

A small community deals with loss and grief using the memories of Aurora, the seamstress of a sardinian village, who is also in charge of weaving clothes for the dead. When she pricks her finger, memories of Tzia, the woman who taught her how to sew, come back.

Animati by Liceo artistico Michele Buniva

school: Liceo artistico Michele Buniva
Italy, 2023 (10’)

Step by step into the archaeology of cinema.

Cambio corrente by Giulia Colombo, Ginevra Tarascio, Loreta Gasparyan, Valentina Fidelfio

school:Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti
Italy, 2024 (6’37”)

Rob and Anya live in a lighthouse in the middle of the sea in a dystopian world surrounded by rubbish. One day Rob manages to find a starfish still alive, but the moment he grabs it, he unleashes the wrath of the sea, which punishes him by dragging him in the middle of nowhere, alone and hungry, with the starfish as his only companion.

Tothemoon by Kyoung-Ri Park, Seul-Ki An, Si-An Kim

school: Hongik University
South Korea, 2023 (5’)

An office worker tries to trade cryptocurrency secretly during business hours, dreaming of a quick raise.

Grandpa Mazay and the sunbunnies by Kristina Shcherbakova

School: Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television
Russia, 2024 (6’19”)

Only the sunbunnies will help Grandpa Mazay get rid of huge thunderclouds that are out of control.

Come back to my shelf by Marina Zinkevich

school:Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television
Russia, 2023 (8’9”)

A father and daughter live in a world where everyone has a locker for storing good memories in their chest. One day the father leaves and the girl stops replenishing her shelves with new impressions.

When the snow will fall by Ekaterina Asrieva

school:St.Petersburg State University of Film and Television
Russia, 2023 (7’50”)

A young guy, plunging into apathy after a girl left him, meets his elderly neighbor from the house opposite, who really wants to make friends with him.

Cmok by Tatyana Sergeevna Syatkovskaya

school:St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television
Russia, 2023 (5’)

Vasil falls in love with a pretty girl named Hanna but is not reciprocated. Cmok the dragon helps him to win her heart.

Evermore by Maria Sergeevna Plosman

school:St.Petersburg State University of Film and Television
Russia, 2023 (4’37”)

A young writer struggles to create, but when the ghosts of unrealized ideas start haunting him, he must capture them with a quill on the pages of his book.

Compromise by Anna Isakova

school:Ural State University of Architecture and Art named after N.S. Alferov
Russia, 2023 (2’34”)

A little tale about a young guy named Ignat and his search for a perfect bride. Inspired by a funny folkish song.

Goodbye people by Anna Klimanova

school:SMF animation studio film directing course
Russia, 2023 (4’12”)

A boy who is looking for ways out of big problems in his little world such as his parents’ split, escapes home.

The wasteland by Timotej Lukovič

school:Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava
Slovakia, 2023 (9’28”)

A woman lives in the desert. She obtains her livelihood from a solitary tree next to which she spends most of her life. However, one day, pink petals fall from the sky so she decides to go in search of the place from where the petals drifted. She embarks on an exhausting journey repeatedly, but she is always compelled to return to the tree for sustenance.

Idollize by Sebastian Alexander Ascarruz Rosas, Araceli Cornejo

school:Toulouse Lautrec
Peru, 2023 (8’05”)

With the help of a duck plush, a porcelain doll overcomes all kinds of obstacles to free the handsome doll she has a crush on.

Astropez by Melany Ramos

school:Toulouse Lautrec
Peru, 2023 (5’23”)

Miguel, a perfectionist Astronaut and his impulsive friend Alfonsino must work together to prevent a meteorite from hitting the earth.

Cloudy by Joshua Pereira

school: NTU (Nayang Technological University), School of Art, Design and Media
Singapore, 2023 (6’57”)

While avoiding a conversation with his mum, Elliot encounters a peculiar little creature. Together, they embark on a little adventure.

The snail by Yunxin Ngin

school: NTU (Nayang Technological University), School of Art, Design and Media
Singapore, 2023 (3’38”)

The Snail is a short animated film about a boy who lives in a post-apocalyptic world. He meets a snail for the first time, and he curiously observes this new, mysterious creature.

Covert by Bevryn Chua, Rodolfo Barcelli, Celeste Chia

school: NTU (Nayang Technological University), School of Art, Design and Media
Singapore, 2023 (5’07”)

A security guard must protect a priceless Jewel from a thief’s clutches until the police arrive.

Bahr by Belal Abosamra

school:High Cinema Institute
Egypt, 2023 (7’30”)

While grieving the loss of his wife, a father struggles with faith in a chance to reconnect with her; the journey is portrayed as death being a beginning rather than an end, a simple line separating two worlds.

Every little things by Yifei Wang

school:School of Animation and Digital Arts Communication University of China
China, 2023 (4’2”)

On the hospital elevator to bid farewell to her grandmother, as the elevator reaches each floor, a woman recalls the little things that had happened with her grandmother in the same hospital.

Pigeon bread wanderer by Mingyu Zhang

school:School of Animation and Digital Arts Communication University of China
China, 2023 (4’33”)

A man who was fired from his company goes to the park feeling frustrated. When he’s sitting and about to eat bread, a group of pigeons show up to ask him for food. The man feeds them with the bread, being unaware that a war without smoke was about to begin…

Gone with the bus by Jiangyu Chen

school:School of Animation and Digital Arts Communication University of China
China, 2023 (4’16”)

An old woman passes away and is guided by a dog to the soul bus. During her ride she experiences her life’s memories backwards to the last stop: her birthplace.

Cat’s dilemma by Chenyu Lin, Yi Shuan Lee, Jit Thong Ng

school:School of Animation and Digital Arts Communication University of China
China, 2023 (3’16”)

A man uses his cat to shoot funny videos that actually abuse the cat in order to attract followers. In the end, the cat can’t bear to resist and runs away.

Solong memories by Ruihan Zhang, Wenzi Shan, Xingyi Chen

school:School of Animation and Digital Arts Communication University of China
China, 2023 (5’02”)

A raccoon finds an old man’s lost music box and decides to return it to its rightful owner.

Cat paw print by Ke Ma, Xuanyu Wu, Xuxuan Lin, Yue Long

school:School of Animation and Digital Arts Communication University of China
China, 2023 (3’55”)

A boy has recently lost his cat and everything in his flat reminds him of it, to the point that he still seems to see it wandering around the rooms.

Next movement by Zihao Wei, Chi Shen

school:School of Animation and Digital Arts Communication University of China
China, 2023 (3’26”)

The story takes place in a town where music is banned, and the town’s soldiers are destroying the residents’ musical Instruments. A kid from another country comes bringing a flute and starts playing music in the streets. The soldiers try to chase her away, but the seed of music has already been replanted in the hearts of people.

Bubbles di Lezhi Xiao

school:School of Animation and Digital Arts Communication University of China
China, 2023 (7’35”)

Baobao realises that a bubble of negative emotions envelopes some people. When her mother comes home from work exhausted, Baobao tried her best to rescue her from the bubble.

Zao Zao’s hobbies by Yuxin Huang

school:School of Animation and Digital Arts Communication University of China
China, 2023 (8’40”)

A mother who is obsessed with her child being the best at school, doesn’t support her kid’s passion for Chinese shadow puppetry.

Wave by Xiao Wei, Tianwei Yan

school:School of Animation and Digital Arts Communication University of China
China, 2023 (5’50”)

The strong pressure and anxiety are making the protagonist’s life unbearable, but waves keep pushing him forward.

Cocoon by Yiwei Chen

school:Royal College of Art
China, 2023 (4’30”)

A little girl wakes up alone in a dark and surreal night, triggering fragmented memories of neglect by her caregivers.

Lucky’s plan(e)t by Marko Vasić

school:Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade
Serbia, 2023 (4’53”)

Lucky the Gnome goes to a meadow every morning to water a flower. However, one day he finds Wicky the evil gnome taking the flower and carrying it away to grind it and make paint. Lucky chases after him to rescue the flower.

Red snow by Jonathan Dumosch

school: Sapir Academic College
Israel, 2023 (8’15”)

Arthur fears losing his son, who is serving in a military operation. This brings up repressed memories from Arthur’s past as a mercenary.

The day pigs flew by Francisco Parreira, Hugo Guedes, Sebastião Salvador

school:Universidade Lusófona de Lisboa
Portugal, 2023 (5’4”)

In a gray, monotonous society that lacks creativity, a boy is born with the gift of imagining and living “outside the box”. He will present the world the concept of imagination and fantasy.

Dead end by Helena Duarte, Lara Marjo, Júlia Leite

school:Universidade Lusófona de Lisboa
Portugal, 2023 (2’40”)

Two scouts, united due to a traumatic event, find refuge in each other.

Between us by Bárbara Barreto, Caroline Soares, João Cadima

school:Universidade Lusófona de Lisboa
Portugal, 2023 (5’15”)

António is a fisherman who, after the death of his wife, Amélia decides to isolate himself from any new relationships. One day he is surprised by a cat who brings nothing but trouble, and makes António’s life change overnight.

Ribbons by Julia Sieczkowska

school:Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika w Toruniu
Poland, 2023 (4’55”)

A girl wakes up in a meadow, having only the moon as her companion. She finds a wall of ribbons and decides to explore the world beyond them.

Kapitan by Andrei Simkin

school: ESCAC
Spagna, 2023 (9’41”)

A captain wanders the sea in search of the place of his dreams, a beautiful orange lighthouse. One day the light of the lighthouse bursts into the gloom of his cabin. The sailor will have to decide whether to move on or remain anchored to the life he has always lived.

Lifetime by Ariadna Puigdemasa

Spain, 2023 (6’45”)

We follow Clara’s life from her teenage years and her first experience of loss and grief, throughout her heartwarming life up until the start of her granddaughter’s.

Daisy by Aditi Dixit, Shecid Domìnguez, Pepot Atienza

Spain, 2023 (4’48”)

A music box opens to reveal a young girl dressed in a petal dress who starts dancing in the darkness. Some eerie eyes observe her dance, causing petals to fall off from her dress. Suddenly, she realizes that she is being watched and is desperate to escape, only to be confined within the music box.