Fede a Strisce Award 2023

Lucille degli Acholi

On Friday, July 14, 2023, as part of Cartoon Club, the 19th Fede a Striscie – Roberto Ramberti Award was awarded, also a unique recognition in Italy and dedicated instead to works containing religious elements. The 2023 award was awarded among the twenty works in competition to the book Lucille degli Acholi by Ilaria Ferramosca and Chiara Abastanotti (Editrice Il Castoro, 2022) with the following motivation:

“A way of dedicating oneself to people” is how Lucille understood the medical profession. A beautiful biography of a tenacious and courageous woman that becomes a collective story of people who have spent their lives embodying Gospel values at the service of the poorest, with trust in man and in God, with gestures that bring about justice and peace. The narrative delicately accompanies the reader without brandishing the values it communicates.

Special Mention

Special mention for Abbà padre, by Roberto Battestini (NEO Editions, 2022):

An intense autobiographical book that offers a reflection on the father figure, on the meaning of parenthood and on the meaning of relationships between generations. Contrasting relationships, full of twists and trivial everyday events that even in the iconographic sign is engaging and never banal.

Even the biblical titles assigned to the different parts of the story – Genesis, Exodus, Prophets, Revelation – and the title: Abba, an Aramaic term to indicate the paternity of God in the family sense of “father”, are fundamental signs of the arduous journey of search and reconciliation.

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