Comics & Science is a comic science dissemination project sponsored by the National Research Council (CNR).

The exhibition is an event that combines art, science and awareness on gender equality issues.

Through the comic strips, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in engaging and captivating stories, which tell the world of science and research in an original and effective way.

The exhibition highlights the fundamental contribution of women in science, often overlooked or ignored, and promotes their visibility and recognition.

The event is an opportunity to learn while having fun, discover scientific curiosities and learn stories of women who have changed the history of science.

The exhibition is an invitation to reflect on the importance of overcoming gender stereotypes and to promote equality of opportunity in scientific research, so that it can be representative and inclusive for all.

The program 2023

Event location and date

From 13 July to 31 July
from 10:00 to 18:00
City Museum
Via Luigi Tonini, 1
47921 Rimini


Free full admission
Free reduced admission

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