Pimpa, created by talented illustrator Altan, has become an icon in the children’s comics scene. With its characteristic round appearance with red polka dots and the fun adventures it lives, the Pimpa has won the hearts of generations of children.

Cartoon Club pays tribute to this beloved protagonist and her stories through an exhibition that offers the rare opportunity to see up close the original storyboards of animated short films based on Pimpa. Storyboards are a key part of the process of creating an animated film and are the visual guide for making scenes.

It will be fascinating to discover how the artists have translated Pimpa’s adventures from paper to screen, passing through the art of storyboarding. A true immersion in the creative process behind these beloved works to discover the details of the key sequences, character designs, facial expressions and movements that gave birth to Pimpa’s animated adventures.

In addition to storyboards, the exhibition will also feature a collection of Altan’s original illustrations depicting Pimpa and her friends. These works represent a unique opportunity to admire Altan’s artistic talent and Pimpa’s visual evolution over the years.

The program 2023

Event location and date

From 13 July to 31 August
from 10:00 to 18:00
City Museum
Via Luigi Tonini, 1
47921 Rimini


Free full admission
Free reduced admission

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