Since 2019, the Cartoon Club Festival has activated the Super@bility project which uses cartoons
and comics as a means of orienting, in particular the new generations, towards new relational models
towards disabled people.

The various project activities, workshops, screenings, publications, exhibitions, aim to increase a solidarity attitude that replaces the discriminatory dynamics that still persist towards the disabled. Disability or any limitation on the ability to act. Reduced ability to interact with the social environment compared to what is considered the norm, less autonomy in carrying out daily activities and often you are at a disadvantage in participating in social life.

A theme that is scary and sometimes we tend to turn away with a sense of annoyance or we accept it with a mere sense of piety. But if you think about it, aren’t we all a bit disabled? Each of us has different skills and is lacking in something! Disability is not a diversity, but a condition of life. Each individual is different from the other without
thereby losing its value. The real limits exist only in our “looking at others ”. We are all about being.

The project that Cartoon Club has conceived and carries on, is to change the mentality of fear, of the barriers that have become so fashionable again today. It is a desire to interact with “the other from us”. The other is our mirror, it shows us what we would not like to see, but exists and it is necessary to feel recognized by our life, in a continuous reciprocal contamination, of comparison and relationships.

The image that over time has been built up towards disability, highlights its limits, the difficulties that characterize it.
As a consequence, it created exclusion, marginalization and sometimes even concealment. The project intends to contribute to elimination of prejudices towards disability. Perceiving disability no longer as a limit, but as a value, a reason for personal growth. The most insidious barrier can be broken down: the cultural one. Ezio Bosso (pianist, composer and orchestra director suffering from a neurovegetative syndrome) said in an interview “I am a man with an evident disability in the midst of so many men with disabilities who cannot be seen”. Can we counter this claim? No, we can only to EDUCATE everyone and with this project we hope to contribute to it.

The workshop, conducted by Massimo Modula and Laura Fuzzi, will take place from 12 to 16 July and will be dedicated to the people with disabilities who spend summer daytime at the Sergio Zavatta Onlus structure. On Saturday 17 July, night, the short animation movies made during the workshop will be screened for the public.