Cartoon Club is 40 years old and continues to grow: new spaces and new initiatives join the historic ones.

CartoonClub 2024

Animation films competitions

The film competition, born in 1997, has come to have 6 thematic sections

In addition to the awards, there is the International Panorama section, dedicated to authors who do not intend to participate in the competitive sections


Every year Cartoon Club organizes various exhibitions in different places in the city: from the Museum of Rimini in the historic center, passing through the Augeo art gallery, to arrive in front of the beach of Marina Centro to Palazzina Roma

The themes of the 2024 exhibitions will be published in the exhibition program as soon as they are defined


Like every year, also in 2023 Cartoon Club will host many concerts: from Piazza Francesca da Rimini to Piazzale Federico Fellini, live music will accompany the events and guests of the event

The concert program will be published as soon as the guests and the schedule of events are made official


As usual, also this year the area of Piazzale Federico Fellini will be animated by Riminicomix: the exhibition-market dedicated to comics and cosplay


From 2023 Cartoon Club collaborates with Iunior TV, a television channel that offers a schedule entirely dedicated to young people

Iunior TV broadcasts a selection of the animation works that will make it to the finals of the Cartoon Club film competition, and will also appoint a jury of experts for the section of the competition that bears the name of Iunior TV

Cartoon Club 40 anni