Mafalda una bambina dalla parte delle donne

Mafalda is one of the most popular comic strips ever, created 60 years ago, in 1964, by Quino, a famous Argentine humorist.

A six-year-old girl who has become the voice of all children in the world, who is always ready to scream at injustice, against the use of war and fighting for the promotion of civil rights, and who still represents a beacon of hope and activism for present and future generations.

To pay homage to this timeless icon of comics, studied in schools, cited in contexts of social debate and still much loved, the Cartoon Club Festival dedicates a large and original exhibition to her in one of the most extraordinary locations in the city: the beach.

A careful selection of over 200 strips and illustrations positioned on 120 boards accompany the Rimini summer with humor and lightness, but also a rare opportunity to combine entertainment, culture and reflection. The exhibition, in fact, highlights in particular Mafalda’s battles for gender equality, offering a unique perspective on the evolution of the struggle for women’s rights.

The exhibition is joined by other events such as a large installation at Castel Sismondo and evenings of screenings of Mafalda’s short films.

A great event on the occasion of the 40th edition of the Rimini Festival, which is officially included in the International Celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the birth of the character and has obtained the patronage of the Argentine Embassy in Italy.

The program 2024

Event location and date

From 04 July to 14 September
from 00:00 to 00:00
Beaches 100-151
Viale Regina Margherita
47924 Rimini


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