The exhibition, at the Sala Sant’Agostino, presents a selection of images taken from illustrations, comics, cartoons that deal with the theme of war.

These works are a powerful means to explore the complex dynamics related to armed conflicts, capable of conveying deep emotions and stimulating reflections on human nature, the consequences of war and the possibility of building a better world, free from violence.

The exhibition is part of the social theme chosen for the 2024 Festival, “NO WAR: Comics and Animated Cinema against War”, and aims to raise public awareness of the need to promote the culture of peace through the visual arts.

The works on display offer a varied perspective on issues related to war and the search for peaceful solutions, inviting visitors to reflect and actively engage for a better future.

During the week of the Festival, in parallel with the exhibition, there will be a review of animated films entitled NO WAR for a World Free from Conflict and a Round Table will allow the comparison between artists and representatives of Associations active in conflict zones, addressing the theme “The power of films and comics in promoting a culture of peace“.

The program 2024

Event location and date

From 15 July to 21 July
from 09:00 to 18:00
Exhibition Hall Church of Sant'Agostino
Via Cairoli 41
49723 Rimini


Free full admission
Free reduced admission

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