Luca Salvagno

Luca Salvagno was born in Chioggia in 1962. His passion for comics is ancient and goes hand in hand with a keen interest in Jacovitti’s work. This passion led him to debut as a colorist of the last tables of the master and later to continue, creating screenplays and drawings, the character of Cocco Bill.

He graduated from the Art School and the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. In 1988 he began to publish comics and illustrations on the Messaggero dei Ragazzi published in Padua. The most important series were the adventures of Lap, Trillo Pistacchio, Conchito, Asinus, Cacio Galilla, Fra Mignolo, San Francesco, La Banda.

In 1992 he also began to collaborate with Il Giornalino, published in Milan, quietly passing from humorous stories to adventure stories.

Much interest was met with his graphic interpretations of the youth biographies of famous people, including St. Francis, Joan of Arc, Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, Walt Disney.

He has illustrated stories for children in the Mondadori Junior series and updates of the Storia d’Italia in comics and Storia del Mondo in comics by Enzo Biagi.

Always as an illustrator he has published for Junior Mondadori editions also on texts by Roberto Piumini and Bianca Pitzorno.

His latest publications collected in volume were: El sanguanel de refavaie edizioni DBS, Odorico da Pordenone edizioni  Messaggero Padova, Diari edizioni Becco Giallo, Quelli che a Livorno, on texts by Silvano Mezzavilla, Kellermann edizioni.

He teaches painting at the Art School of Este.