Andrea Lorenzon

Born in ’89 and originally from Portogruaro (Venice), Andrea Lorenzon uses his acting and animation skills to create the YouTube channel of Cartoni Morti, a project in which, following the stylistic thread of cruel and funny animation, he deals with typical situations of Italian society.

His cartoons range from pop culture to social and political satire (for which he was awarded at the Macchianera awards in 2019 and with the Forte dei Marmi satire award in 2022) up to informative videos that led him to collaborate with the European Parliament, Aido, CSI and Casa del Consumatori.

Recently Andrea has also opened a new YouTube channel simply called Andrea Lorenzon through which he tells with sarcasm and irony the Italian villages and cities in a journey back in their history.

His documentaries today already attract hundreds of thousands of people and many tourist, municipal and regional realities have decided to rely on him to promote their territories.

Among these also the Tourist Promotion Agency of the Emilia-Romagna Region (Apt Servizi) which has decided for 2023 to entrust him, one of the most appreciated and esteemed digital artists of YouTube, with almost 1 million followers on Facebook, the story of two cities of art in his territory, Rimini and Parma.