Signor Rossi Award 2023

Dedicated to animated films produced by students of Italian and foreign animation schools.

The Signor Rossi Award is addressed to young directors who make their short animation films during animation cinema courses in specialized schools, academies, universities.

These schools have the difficult task to help talent and creativity, supporting students with all the necessary knowledge in art and technique.

These institutes educate their students so they can become professionals, with a complete knowledge about creative and productive processes, and about the skills they need. For example, 2D e 3D CGI, stop motion, character and production design, scenography, storytelling, compositing, film direction.

In general, the films (often made as degree final works) are made with various techniques and tell about many different themes, which is a proof of the school’s quality.

Congratulations to the directors whose works have been selected and will be screened at our festival!

Winning film

Elegy of Elephant

Elegy of Elephant – Director: Sijie Lu – Runtime: 8:29 – Country: China – Year: 2022

From the Communication University of China comes this extraordinary story of the relationship between an elephant and a man, a powerful emotional connection that goes beyond species and through time.

A film almost completely devoid of dialogue has the power to be understood all over the world and the elephants and men of the Chinese region of Yunnan evoke part of our experiences.


On my Bicycle

On my Bicycle – Director: O. Lavergne, B. Langagne, L. Durot, P. Cilluffo, M. Beuvain, K. Detay – Runtime: 8:18 – Country: France – Year: 2022

The students of the Pôle 3D school in Roubaix in France make a graduation film that with an artistic and sophisticated style accompanies a long bicycle journey.

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue – Director: T. Ben Jebara, C. Castan, O. de Gouttes–Pegot, C. Depay, S. Dupont, A. Bastien – Runtime: 6:25 – Country: France – Year: 2022

In a monochromatic city where everyone resembles each other, one day a painter arrives who upsets the peaceful harmony.

Six students of the Georges Méliès School stage a well-written story, with a wise use of storytelling times.

Finalist films

  • Carapath
  • Chimborazo
  • Easy Busy
  • Elegy of Elephant
  • Gun Play
  • La bride (The dog’s leash)
  • On my bycicle
  • Out of the Blue
  • Rebus
  • Sister (Siostra)
  • Tear off https

List of films in competition

The films will be screened during the course of the event, see the calendar of screenings of the Signor Rossi Award.

5-starsJames WeiNational Yunlin University of Science and TechnologyTaiwan
52hzShu-Ting YangChina University of TechnologyTaiwan
A little higherKai Anne Oppermann, Antonia Weiss, Nora Theißen Fachhochschule MünsterGermany
About heideggerLucie LisníkováTomas Bata University in ZlínCzech Republic
AmerChristophe Greenough, Alexandre Pamart, Lucy Donnot, Duncan Delionnet, Constance Mancheron, Sacha Amsalem, Lea Maureaux, Teddy BresEcole BrassartFrance
Apocalypse dogAziliz Le Clainche, Camille Nasarre, Jing Qian, Juliette Barraux, Emma Plumey, Lucile Arnaud, Solène CauchiePhilippe MeisFrance
At the edge of the waterTamara Kupfer MuñozUniversidad Ort del HuruguayUruguay
AwaitingYu-Ching ChenNational Yunlin University of Science and TechnologyTaiwan
BeisbolEmma Balcon, Rabah Cheurfa, Jennifer Coeugnet, Johan SeguinEcole Georges MélièsFrance
Beyond the fringeHan Tang, Costanza Baj, Giulia ZanetteBAU Barcelona School of DesignSpain
BoomXiaoya WangShengying of AiChina
Breaking the iceTara KlepacAcademy of Fine Arts in ZagrebCroatia
BreathBaptiste Grebonval, Antoine Derensy, Lucie Hot, Kevin RouillardECVFrance
BridgeJun-Wei ZhangNational Taipei University of BusinessTaiwan
CarapathAurelien Mornet IIM digital SchoolFrance
CatchTzu-Yi Yang, Yi-Xuan LiTainan University of TechnologyTaiwan
ChimborazoKeila CepedaMaster en Animación UPVSpain
CircusYa-Wen ZhengNational Yunlin University of Science and TechnologyTaiwan
Clinical lycanthropyEmilio Giacomelli, Francesco PesiriIED MilanoItaly
Coming inLouis Devignes, Alice Florent, Romane Etienne, Camille Devise, Killian MaretECVFrance
Companionship of ratYi-An ChenNational Yunlin University of Science and TechnologyTaiwan
CourageSebastián CisnerosUniversidad VeritasCosta Rica
CycleIsadora PolatscheckUFMGBrazil
DaddyChen-De LiBo-Zhen Li, Pei-Shung Wu, Chen-De LiTaiwan
Dear daughterJun-Jie ShiYu-Ting ZengTaiwan
DododojoyJenny Xu, Crane Xu, Zhang JadeShengying of AiChina
Duelling toddlersElena Accenti MOHOLEItaly
Dying to defrostHeather Ann AbeyasekeraNanyang Technological UniversitySingapore
Elegy of elephantSijie LuSchool of Animation and Digital Arts, Communication University of ChinaChina
EquinoxElisa Gimenez Valdes Fernandes PosadaLaguna College of Art and DesignUnited States
EversioSofia FavataAccademia di Belle Arti di PalermoItaly
FértilFelipe Del RioSão Paulo State University (UNESP)Brazil
Forget me notDenver Colorado, Xime GarciaLaguna College of Art and DesignUnited States
Fox childJan ČaparHochschule DarmstadtGermany
From the depthMelissa ChavesMelissa Chaves, José RodríguezCosta Rica
Fulu deerBo-Ya XuKun Shan UniversityTaiwan
GalibotThomas Vandenbussche, Elise Petit, Ambre Grangereau, Emilie Cousin, Wan-Jing Yang, Laure VernierSupinfocom RubikaFrance
Gift of lifeJheng-Sian LinLing Tung UniversityTaiwan
Go! Get itXiangning GuoSchool of Animation and Digital Arts Communication University of ChinaChina
Gun playBarzan RostamiArt University of TehranIran, Islamic Republic of
HammamZélie ElkihelEmile CohlFrance
HellXinrui ZhouUniversity of Southern CaliforniaUnited States
HellscapeAlixe Devaux, Camille Leroux, Félicia Poggi, Clémence Lacoume, Lara Brière, Valentine WilkeSupinfocom RubikaFrance
HeroShiTing ZhangSchool of Animation and Digital Arts Communication University of ChinaChina
In a funkEloise LohreyRMIT UniversityAustralia
In boxesHila Vakrat, Gilad PfefferBezalelIsrael
It is not how it looks alikeAlessandro FortunaMoholeItaly
La bride (the dog’s leash)Nicolas PiretENSAV La CambreBelgium
La notteMartina Generali, Simone Pratola, Francesca Sofia RossoCentro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, sede Piemonte – Dipartimento AnimazioneItaly
Los juguetes de un guerrerokevin ezequiel suaya, Juan cruz villegasDa VinciArgentina
Lost timeGaribay A.Escuela Nacional de Artes Cinematográficas de la UNAMMexico
MatapacosKarla Riebartsch, Lion DurstFilmakademie Baden-WuerttembergGermany
MirageHsiao-Anne LiaoFu Jen Catholic UniversityTaiwan
Mochi’s deliveryJocelyn Lee, Mindy Lee, Cindy MiaoSchool of Visual Arts BFA Computer ArtUnited States
Mole&crowRuoxue JinSchool of Animation and Digital Arts Communication University of ChinaChina
MustermannVeronika VäthHochschule AnsbachGermany
Night of the living dreadIda MelumNational Film and Television SchoolUnited Kingdom
NodusPaweł Wiktor KusykJan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in KrakówPoland
Not behind youYu TungLing Tung UniversityTaiwan
Offering chickensYi-Pei LinSouthern Taiwan University of Science and TechnologyTaiwan
Oliver the giantJúlia LantosBudapest Metropolitan UniversityHungary
On my bicycleOcéane Lavergne, Benjamin Langagne, Lucas Durot, Pierre Cilluffo, Marine Beuvain, Kerrian DetayPôle 3DFrance
Out of the blueTaya Ben Jebara, Carl Castan, Orane de Gouttes–Pegot, Camille Depay, Sana Dupont, Alice BastienEcole Georges MélièsFrance
OutlawYu-Ching LINGNational Taiwan University of ArtsTaiwan
PapirolaFabián MolinaroMaster en Animación UPVSpain
Peace of mindGraça GomesAgrupamento de Escolas Tomaz Ribeiro, TondelaPortugal
PirouetteCiara BorgardsIfs Internationale Filmschule KölnGermany
Pobre antonioMariana Guerreiro Ferreira, Eudald Rojas LluísECIB (Escola de Cinema de Barcelona)Spain
Poncho & titiJenny LiangCarlos SmithCosta Rica
Read the signsSamantha Yvonne AmesSamantha Yvonne AmesUnited States
RebusAlberto MéndezUniversidad VeritasCosta Rica
ReflorescerLara SalsaUNIAESO – Centro Universitário AESO-Barros MeloBrazil
RegenerateBrenda Melissa SolanoUniversidad VeritasCosta Rica
RunnerAlicia Frøy JohnsenUniversity for the Creative ArtsNorway
Samara op.4Maxime Wattrelos, Jérémy Trochet, Louis Cocquet, Marie Heribel, François MainguetPôle 3DFrance
Same oldGeng-Quan ZhangNational Yunlin University of Science and TechnologyTaiwan
ScarYu Shu, Xinyi XuSchool of Visual Arts BFA Computer ArtUnited States
Secret missionQian-Yu ChenRui-Mu Yang, Si-Chun HuangTaiwan
SeraphAndrea R. MarchiniNABA Nuova Accademia di Belle ArtiItaly
Shades of the seaAna Rita FerreiraEscola Artística de Soares dos ReisPortugal
Shan ()Jing HuiNanyang Technological UniversitySingapore
ShapeAndrés RamosScuola EsneSpain
ShroomsdayDaniel Denzer, Marius Oelsch, Rita Weiss, Alessa WolframUniversity of Applied Sciences Upper AustriaAustria
Si warik the movie: the last fieldNita Virena NathaniaUniversitas Dian NuswantoroIndonesia
SkydomeAdolfo Aliaga, Anna Juesas GarcíaBarreira arte disegno – Centro Oficial the Estudios SuperioresSpain
StickersXiang-Yi GuoChihlee University of TechnologyTaiwan
Swallow returnedXinyang Li, Qianyu LinSchool of Animation and Digital Arts Communication University of ChinaChina
TadadaChun-Yu ZhangNational Formosa UniversityTaiwan
Tardes de veranoGarazi Feliu, Ander Lizarraga, Oihane Abete, Candela Gutierrez, Iñigo SanchezDigipen Institute of Technology Europe BilbaoSpain
Tear offClément Del Negro, Charlotte Fargier, Héloïse Neveu, Camille Souchard, Nalini Bhasin, Mikko Petremand, Matthias BourgeuilSupinfocom RubikaFrance
ThaboLaurisa Pamela VíquezUniversidad VeritasCosta Rica
The ant marchFedor YudinSchool-studio of Animated Films SHARRussian Federation
The beating seedasa ( Marta Ribeiro ), Alice do Carmo, Laura Pires, Tiago PimentaUniversidade do AlgarvePortugal
The carnivalShi Jie ChewNanyang Technological UniversitySingapore
The dawn of galaEmanuel JiménezUniversidad VeritasCosta Rica
The dogRiccardo Pittalunga, Davide Sangiorgio, Alice Villa, Marta VolpiCivica Scuola di Cinema Luchino ViscontiItaly
The enlightenerVincent Gougelet, Valentin Baude, Marie Baerenzung, Félix LecocqECV LilleFrance
The faulty godSelena LiaoImage CampusArgentina
The luggage roomDaniela CuencaMáster de Animación UPVSpain
The messageJoshua Ricardo QuesadaUniversidad VeritasCosta Rica
The ravenOlivier Dubucq, Julien Parmentier, Edouard Fizaine, Lisa Fortrie, Léa Legueulle, Elisa Garcia Romeu, Lisa FortrieEcole Georges MélièsFrance
The rest ofYi-Xiang SuTainan University of TechnologyTaiwan
The space pirateLetizia BorficchiaAcademy of fine Arts BolognaItaly
TonalliJulia Belen Granillo TostadoLUCA School of ArtsMexico
Under the endless skyAlexandra DzhiganskayaUniversity of Applied Arts ViennaUkraine
Unfamiliar memoriesSerhat SenMaltepe UniversityTurkey
UnfoundShahar BalfourBezalel Academy of Art and DesignIsrael
UnscarfedAnita BruneburgFilmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad WolfGermany
Water lullabyPiotr KaźmierczakHome Made myselfPoland
Where jasmine bloomsPolina BovkounDirecting courses at SMF animation studioRussian Federation
Yde & oliveJulien Lin, Camille Lorthioy, Meije Lanson, Sélène Chauveau, Caroline Pagès, Pauline de La ProvôtéEcole Georges MélièsFrance