Vicke Blanka

Vickeblanka is a singer-songwriter and performer born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, known for performing highly successful anisongs.

He debuted with the song Masshiro from the album Wizard, released in 2018, which became a success thanks to the inclusion in a TV drama, reaching No. 2 in the iTunes chart. The same song ranks first in the USEN Request J-POP HOT30, in the YouTube Music Video Trend List, and in the real time ranking of Line Music.

The following year the song Ca Va? it was used for Spotify advertising, and his third album titled Devil, which contains the song, comes out in March 2020. It comes first in the iTunes J-Pop chart.

His opening for the Black Clover series is an evergreen triumph, with more than 1,700,000 monthly plays on Spotify. The song exceeds 400 million total plays on streaming platforms.

On September 1, 2021, the album Fate was released, followed on March 23, 2022 by a collection of hits entitled Best Album Supervillain, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of his debut for a major.

The new song Changes comes out on April 12, 2022, a piece used as the ending theme for the film French La Revanche des Crevette Pailletées, another huge success. Following comes a video for the concerts in the stadiums Rainbow Road Ki, and the most recent song Kakumei (revolution), dated March 29.

In May, the Vicke Blanka Live House Tour 2023 begins, with eight stops in Japan and then continue to Riminicomix, the only Italian stop, and immediately after Paris for the Japan Expo.

In addition to her main activity as a singer, her career spans a variety of artistic fields including music production, DJing on the radio, working as a model for advertising and TV, and streaming esports.