Vasco Festa

Vasco Festa, when the Atari 2600 entered his house, realized that video games would always be part of his life.

Turning passion into collecting, he realized that he was always looking for something more particular to satisfy the continuous desire for hidden treasures, without being satisfied with the classic platforms. So in 2018 he created CoinUp, an event dedicated exclusively to video games and boxed games with a focus on retrogames, designed precisely to bring together fans who were looking for a unique reference point where they could sell, exchange or enrich their collection.

To share this passion even more, Vasco collaborated in the birth of the YouTube project MiticoTV, where the history of the great classics is retraced by telling curiosities and anecdotes about video games of the past and present.

Vasco is also part of WhiteRoom Labs, which deals with an all-Italian creative project called Pure Arcade, which focuses on the creation of new Arcade games and the desire to relaunch the market of cabins that crowded the arcades in the 80s and 90s.