Valentina Grassini

Valentina Grassini was born in Milan in the hot summer of ’81.

After his master’s studies he changed direction and attended the course for humorous comics at the School of Comics in Milan, after the three-year period, in 2003, he immediately began working as a texturist at the Playstos studio and collaborated as a colorist with Piemme Junior (Mondadori) for the books of Geronimo Stilton.

Over the years she has worked as an illustrator (Gruppo Raffaello Editore, Gaia Edizioni, and continues her collaboration with Geronimo Stilton as a manual colorist and, then, digital; in 2009 he won the International Illustration Competition Bimbi Volanti organized by the Malagutti Foundation onlus in partnership with the Italian Illustrators Association; in 2015, together with colleagues Francesco Castelli and Tommaso Valsecchi, he founded the collective Silly Nostagic Kids, with which he made several self-productions, the volume Presque jamais for the publishing house Group Paquet and the series Gli ultimi giorni for Tatai Lab.

With the publisher Shockdom, Silly Nostalgic Kids publish Il mio amico incubo (also published in France under the title Mon ami le cauchemar for the publishing house Group Paquet) and Ciambelle from outer space.