Marcello Bondi

Marcello Bondi, born in 1995, decided to pursue a career as a screenwriter in 2014.

He has always tried to range between the various narrative genres, following only his passion: telling stories.

He wrote two subjects for the regular series of Diabolik and two other books are based on his initial idea.

He writes a short story for Tex, published in Color Tex N.14. The story is also published in Croatia, Norway, Brazil and Serbia.

He writes a story for Disney, published in Italy on Uncle Scrooge N.36 and in Brazil on Tio Patinhas N.31.

He writes a short story for Zagor, published in Zagor Più N.3.

In 2022 his first comic mini-series entitled Samurai 2.0 is published, for the American market.

In 2023 he is among the authors of the graphic novel Odino Buzzi: Cronista Detective, published by Round Robin Editrice, which pays homage to the narrative imagery of Dino Buzzati.

He is active on social networks and on his website.