alt idol Erisu

Erisu is an idol unit composed of 4 members of various nationalities based in Italy, formed in 2020 to debut in the lineup together with Japanese idol groups at Monster of Dolls 2020 the International Festival of alt idols in Europe.

The group’s music reflects a variety of alternative genres, mainly alternative rock with gothic and progressive veins.

In the production of the group are involved several musicians belonging to the punk rock scene of the 80s and 90s.

In January 2023 the group was named Best Overseas Act of Alt Idol by the prestigious American blog Homicidols, specialized in this musical style.

In December 2022 Erisu are invited to Barcelona for The Spain Sabbath, holding some dates in Spain of which an excerpt has been published on YouTube.

Between March and May 2023 the group held a series of live performances in Italy, a tour that culminated with the closing concert of the Music Dojo stage on May 1st at the Comicon in Naples.

In January 2023 Erisu gained some international visibility especially in South America and Eastern Europe by releasing an MV video of the cover of the song Let The Sabbath Begin by the historic Italian metal band DeathSS.

At the end of April 2023 the group released the single Principia Discordia.

Members of Erisu

Aruru (Cina)

NanTu (Venezuela)

NenLu (Italia)

NinLil (Italia)