A 360-degree musician, he is a singer, rapper, producer and DJ.

He began his career in South Korea but soon expanded his reach by taking his concerts to China, Japan, the United States, and now Europe.

Not only is he a talented musician, but also in high demand as a model, photographer and graphic designer.

Doe has organized parties and exhibitions as a designer and art director, and has collaborated with clothing and cosmetics brands as a model.

Doe debuted as a solo artist when he was in the idol group 2x one in South Korea and China. Unfortunately, due to problems with his previous agency, all his work with the group was lost. After leaving the agency he started on his own in 2022, debuting as a solo artist.

As a solo artist he has toured twice in the United States and Southeast Asia, including concerts in China and Thailand, rapidly growing his international fan base.

The 2023 tour started in March and won’t stop until December, with concerts in the US, Mexico, UK, Costa Rica, Australia, etc.

As a K-Pop idol before and a solo artist now, he has worked and works with various musical genres.

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