“We are the Muses, goddesses of the arts and proclaimers of heroes…”

Did you recognize the famous incipit of the unforgettable cult animation “Hercules”? And how many times have you dreamed of diving into the abyss with the sweet Ariel?

If you too grew up on bread and Disney, the fabulous concert you have been waiting for, that of ArteMuse, is coming!

We are five performers (singers, actresses, dancers) who will guide you to the rediscovery of Disney classics that have thrilled entire generations, told in a key a bit… different!

We will take you to explore new sounds, we will weave the stories of the great heroines, and their cute
helpers and antagonists but, above all, we will reread their adventures in a way that (yet!) you do not have

Thanks to the special arrangements of the formidable composer Eleonora Beddini, we will give voice to a
Live performance that will enchant and warm you up…

Rely on us, we will lead you by the hand on this historic and enchanting journey: After all, we are the Muses… indeed, the ArteMuse!

We are waiting for you on the main stage of Rimini Comix in Piazzale Fellini

The program 2023

Event location and date

07/16/2023 from 21:00 to 00:00
Piazzale Federico Fellini
via Saint Maur de Fosses
47921 Rimini


Free full admission
Free reduced admission

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