spade laser da combattimento Spade Della Forza

Spade della forza is a company founded in Rimini in 2015, it mainly deals with the design, manufacture and sale of combat lightsabers.

Over the years, the company has increasingly specialized in customization and in the possibility of making the customer choose how to make his own lightsaber, based on models and parts to choose from the thousands of combinations available in the catalog.

The reality of Spade della forza was born first as a social page, through which advertising was made among possible customers and fans interested in the product, then, over the years, it has expanded into the online world with a latest generation e-commerce accessible to all, where you can customize, view and buy your lightsaber.

In 2017, Spade della forza began to tour throughout Italy, participating in the main and largest events in the comics and games sector as an exhibitor.

Currently, Spade della forza boasts numerous models of combat lightsabers, with or without sound effects, different gadgets and unique and exclusive components made in Spade della forza.


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Telefono e whatsapp: 0541 1820023