stand is your online store of videogames, retrogames, consoles and accessories also present at the main Italian fairs in the Comics & Games sector.

History in brief

GamesAndMovies was officially founded in 2017, founded by Semprini Matteo with headquarters of the logistics warehouse located in Riccione, in the province of Rimini.

GamesAndMovies presented itself as a small reality on social networks that based its strong point on participation in some small trade fair in Emilia Romagna and in several markets on the Romagna Riviera. From here the step will be short and GamesAndMovies lands on online commerce in 2018 through the eBay Marketplace reaching the Power Seller badge in a very short time.

In 2019 the events of the annual calendar become increasingly important, reaching over 30 stages throughout Italy including Romics, Cartoomics, Nerd Show Bologna, RiminiComix and the Novegro Comics Festival.

In a context of total dominance of fairs, the advent of the Coronavirus forces the company to put aside trade fairs (which will remain suspended by the government from March 2020 until June 2021) and to concentrate its presence on the online market, with the opening of the eCommerce site, launched on December 11, 2020.

In 2021, thanks to the restart of the fairs, arrives at Lucca Comics & Games, renewing its participation in 2022 with a mega commercial stand of over 100 square meters, the largest in the videogames sector by extension and catalog ever existed in Lucca.

2022 also sees the arrival of at the Comicon in Naples, the second most important Italian festival, after Lucca Comics.

2022 will be a fundamental year for the company: in September 2022 will be acquired in full by GM Distribuzioni srl, the new company managed by Semprini Matteo, and new owner of the, as well as of the new reality of the Comics sector, Kaiju Cremisi, also founded in September 2022.

The acquisition of GamesAndMovies will include the historical warehouse of over 50 thousand products, the historical collaborators, the web and social channels and the logo that will be slightly modified. The Riccione office, however, will not be taken over as the company will be transferred to the new headquarters in Rimini of 800 square meters located in Gros Rimini at Block 92B. The acquisition by GM will also see the hiring of 5 new professional figures in who will follow the company full-time both in warehouse logistics and in trade fair trips.

The company of yesterday and today

Thanks to the rich and large number of customers and the collaboration with the best companies in the sector, both Italian but mainly foreign, has always been used to guarantee competitive prices on a large stock that is updated daily.

The strength of the company has always been the new product and the preorder. It was, in fact, the sponsorship policies and promotions applied at the fair that led the public, not only Nerd, to place trust in the company. A constant presence and excellent attention to the real needs of the customer who is visiting a “fair”, have made sure that was known in a short time also on online channels.

The care in the proposals and products offered for sale is a fact that distinguishes us from other giants of the retail market. The variety of goods that arrive every day is the reason why we can offer you an increasingly wide and varied stand at the fair. The satisfaction of the end customer, the gamer, the enthusiast, the collector, is the purpose that our company had set itself from the very first day of activity and that tries at all costs to maintain as a cornerstone of its path.

Our strengths

A catalog and an assortment of about 50 thousand Videogames and Retrogames ready for delivery. They allow us to fulfill the most unlikely requests of most consumers and collectors.

Direct collaboration with dozens of foreign companies around the world. It allows us to import products from any market by reducing the cost, especially of the novelties in the first release, and guarantee it to a minimum on the competitive market, also managing to bring to Italy products that normally would not arrive.

Care in the conservation of used products, even those of low economic value. At we regenerate every game disc with scratches or lines, before offering it for sale, thanks to the necessary equipment for cleaning optical media. In addition, every used Videogame is stored in special protective sachets (the best on the market, which you can also find for sale on our site) to protect it from dust and wear. If necessary, even the box, if broken, dirty or scratched, is changed with a new one, always original, thanks to an infinite supply of original boxes in stock.

Unique promotions on pre-sale titles. Our promotions on pre-sale titles have always been among the most talked about on the Web, often ending up in the channels of the best offers on Videogames. We are among the few to offer pre-sale prices almost at cost, margining only on quantity.

The company of tomorrow

2022 saw attend all the main Italian Comics & Games events: Lucca Comics, Romics, Napoli Comicon, Nerd Show Bologna, Modena Nerd, RiminiComix, Gardacon, Gamics, Como Fun, Novegro and Mantova Wonderfest were the stages of a wonderful year focused mainly on events.

In 2023 we will start from here: we will give new life and new look to our mega stand, making the fair experience of our public even more immersive. The company’s growth goal, however, also wants to move to online commerce, which is why 2023 will be characterized by a lower number of events to devote forces to a relaunch of web channels. The website will in fact be redone from scratch, making it much more performing and simpler for the public.

At the same time as the relaunch of the site, the eCommerce dedicated to the world of Comics, and related Apps for better mobile navigation will also be born. The new launch is scheduled for autumn 2023.

Following the relaunch of web channels, the company will begin the realization of the project to open the first physical mega store. For years, in fact, there has been the need to have a physical point, which we want to achieve in our own way by combining the two GM realities. The first mega store of about 300 square meters will be built in the city of Rimini and we want at all costs to try to be able to make it ready for 2024. We do not yet know precisely where the second and subsequent stores will be built, but we will keep you constantly updated.