arte sghimbescia

Arte Sghimbescia is the name with which I present my self-productions in comics and illustrations.

In reality I am Cristiana Fumagalli, born in ’91 and I come from Brianza.

L-Drama has 3 self-produced volumes and deals with LGBTQIA+ issues in a comic and playful way.

In order, I propose a volume with self-contained plates, a volume with a long history, an illustrated guide on sexually transmitted infections, and various gadgets (bookmarks, stickers and fans).

Parental Control is a project about the parent-child relationship and the acceptance of the “different”, set in an esoteric and folkloristic world.

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Currently the graphic novel is still in production, but I propose the tarot deck, various prints related to a second volume (the Bestiary) and bookmarks.

I have in the works some Fanzines comics of various themes.

What I propose is the result of a collaboration with two of my artisan friends (Klaus Adventure).

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