The Cartoon Club Festival gives recognition to an author of animated films that stood out for his artistic production.

“We need so much of fairy tales, but we especially need to curiosity.”

So said Enzo D’Alò, well-known director, designer, animator famous all over the world.
Director, screenwriter and musician, Enzo D’Alò is synonymous with authorial animation. After his first training as a musician, in fact in 1983 he became director and screenwriter of television and animation series, obtaining international recognition. Born in Naples in the 1950s, he is one of the few authors in Europe to be able to boast six animated feature films as well as two successful TV series.

We are talking about La Pimpa, the nice white dog with red polka dots by the cartoonist Altan, and of Pipi, Pupù and Rosmarina. A raccoon, a bird and a bunny, designed by Annalaura Cantone, who are constantly looking for the Mapà, a mysterious figure halfway between mom and dad. A sort of Waiting for Godot for childhood. In 1996 he made his debut at the cinema with the direction of the animated film La freccia azzurra, winner of two Silver Ribbons and the David di Donatello for the best soundtrack, composed by Paolo Conte. The following year he devoted himself – in collaboration with Osvaldo Cavandoli (author of “La Linea”) – to directing the adventures of Pimpa, who won the “Cartoon on the Bay” International Award and is put on sale on DVD.

In 1998 a new success arrives with the transposition of the novel by Sepulveda La Gabbianella and the cat, while respectively in 2001 and 2003 they are Momo to the conquest of time and Opopomoz.

Almost ten years later d’Alò returns with a new transposition of a classic: Collodi’s Pinocchio, presented in 2012 at the Venice Film Festival in the Giornate degli Autori section. From this episodic TV series, designed for children, Pipi, Pupù and Rosmarina in The mystery of the kidnapped notes, Enzo D’Alò has drawn his latest feature film: released in theaters in 2017. The narrative voice of Giancarlo Giannini takes us in the heart of a yellow tale: a thief has stolen the notes of the composition that must be played for the grand concert of Ferragosto. The task of the three friends is to find these notes by performing themselves in musical performances. These shows are nothing more than imaginative reinterpretations of well-known classical works.

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