Riot Area Opening

Riot and Qlash arrive at Riminicomix with numerous tournaments and activities for a weekend of gaming Day 1 18-20 LOL Arena v2 Tournament 19-21 Valorant DM Rush tournament 17-23 free play Day 2 18-20 LOL Arena v2 Tournament 19-21 Valorant DM Rush tournament 17-23 free play Day 3 17-18 LOL Swarm tournament 19-21 LOL Arena […]

The nerd’s test

If you are a true nerd passionate about games and movies, you can’t miss the opportunity to challenge your fellow humans on the Riminicomix Community Stage, Thursday 18 July at 9 pm. awaits you with its nerd test, a fun interactive game that will test your knowledge and skills in various areas. You will […]

Hayama and Yokota Copy Signing

Junichi Hayama and Momoru Yokota will be available in the Meet & Greet area to sign the limited edition print that Cartoon Club dedicates to them, 50 numbered copies in collaboration with Nippon Shock Edizioni. One print per type will be distributed per participant on a first-come, first-served basis.

Esibizione Xplore Parkour

Esibizione di parkour a tema Assassin’s Creed dalla community più grande d’Italia

Xplore Parkour Exhibition

Assassin’s Creed-themed parkour exhibition from Italy’s largest community

Grimilde presents the theme song of Cartoon Club

Grimilde sings live the new official theme song of Cartoon Club, which will be used for the television program dedicated to the event. Don’t miss the program: from September on SuperSix!

Cultivating a more sustainable future. How comics and animated cinema contribute the balance between man and nature

with Martina Farolpi (young farmer of Confagricoltura), Maicol Mercuriali (journalist)agribusiness), Sergio Algozzino (comic book author). Moderated by Francesca Magnoni (Editorial Initiatives). The meeting discusses how the world of comics and animation have proven to be powerful tools to raise public awareness of nature conservation and human-environmental harmony.

Through a series of parallels with the manga of the 90s/2000s we will make a historical and graphic journey that will allow us to discover how much DragonBall has influenced subsequent authors, and how much it is present in the manga that today’s readers love. From Shueisha’s shonen manga magazines to Kodansha’s, DragonBall lurks almost […]

Inauguration of the exhibition: On the front line: comics and cartoons against wars

Illustrations, comics, cartoons are a powerful means to explore the complex dynamics related to armed conflicts, capable of transmitting deep emotions and stimulating reflections on human nature, the consequences of war and the possibility of building a better world, free from violence. The exhibition is part of the social theme chosen for the 2024 Festival, […]

Inauguration of the exhibition: “Vittorio Giardino, the elegance of comics”

Vittorio Giardino, author of the 2024 Festival Manifesto, is the most refined Italian comic book author and is best known in Italy, France and the USA and his works have been published in eighteen countries and translated into fourteen languages. His meticulous and impeccable sign allows him to range between genres, with a foray into […]

Metacomix Live – Comic classics reinterpreted in real-time animation.

An opportunity to review in compact form many works of the golden age of comics often forgotten, reworked exclusively live in an engaging roundup of animations. Emblematic comixes, from the 30s to the 60s, such as Blonde Panther, Phantom, Radio Patrol, Mandrache, Flash Gordon, Ace Of Spades, Amok, Jeff Hawke and others, reworked in a […]


Film adaptation of the children’s book of the same name by Dr. Seuss, which tells the story of an environmentalist who tries to save the forest from a greedy clothing manufacturer.