Creator from everywhere, Riminicomix is waiting for you with the new creator area.

Located behind the playground (direction Rimini Centro), the two owners of the Alcatraz Comix in Rimini are waiting for you: Mattia and Luca.

But what are they doing in the creator stage?! They will act as hosts interviewing special guests and random people brought up.

Because?! Well, ask them, we know they’re weird.

Talk on creativity and the various facets of social media, up to black humor.

Don’t worry: sometimes they will also talk about artists and the world of comics but do not expect anything too serious.

The Creator area is waiting for all of you from Thursday to Sunday, from 17 to 20 to make a bit of a mess.

Do you want to relax?! Then stay away from them…

The program 2023

Event location and date

from 13 to 16 July from 17:00 to 20:00
Piazzale Federico Fellini
via Saint Maur de Fosses
47921 Rimini


Free admission

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