Cartoon Club grows with a new competition: Be Vertical, a competition for young and very young authors passionate about vertical cinema.

Vertical cinema represents an added value for cinema in general, because it offers young directors the opportunity to express themselves freely and to tell their stories, moreover, this form of production allows to reach a wide audience, thanks to the use of new technologies and the simplification of the diffusion given by digital platforms.

Vertical cinema is a form of film production that focuses on young directors, it is a trend that in recent years is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the use of new technologies and access to the means of production and dissemination that are increasingly easy to use and increasingly powerful, which allow you to focus on the narrative structure rather than on the technical aspects.

Young and very young authors are admitted to the competition and will be divided into the three categories provided by Be Vertical: 8-13 years, 14-17 years and 18-25 years.

The first edition is entitled Be Vertical: Ambiente and is dedicated to the theme of environmental emergency, the authors will have to explore this theme and make short films in vertical format (9:16).

The call will be available shortly on this page.

The videos must be uploaded to FilmFreeway, participation is free.