NIM - Nicole Ballini

Nicole Ballini (NIM) was born in 1994 in Correggio.

After attending the artistic high school F. Arcangeli in Bologna in 2016 he graduated in Digital Coloring and Comics at the International School of Comics in Reggio Emilia.

His debut as an author comes in 2020, together with the screenwriter Angelo Toso with Shockdom for the volume PET – L’amore che non volevo.

In 2021 he published together with Glènat Edition the volume Sweet Jayne Mansfield 1933-1967, as a colorist, together with the designer Roberto Baldazzini and the screenwriter Jean-Michel Dupont. In the same year he drew t’amo, one of the comic stories collected in Ghettolimpo – on the paths of Mahmood’s soul published by Mondadori.