DJ Osso con i suoi dischi

Dj Osso was born and grew up radiophonically with the Trio Medusa, after many years of local radio arrives at Radio m2o in 2006 where, for 13 years he has conducted 3 programs:

  • A Qualcuno Piace Happy (m2o’s Happy awakening from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 10).
  • Dual Core Anni ’80 (all the 80s disco mixed, aired every Sunday morning and holidays from 10 to 11
  • Happy Edition (the happy music mixed in a revolutionary way, on air, from Monday to Saturday in pills, Sundays and holidays for an hour from 11 to 12).

From August 2019 he leaves m2o to go to Rai Radio2 where he leads a new program from title “Tutti Nudi” aired on Saturdays and Sundays from 13.45 to 16.

On October 31,  2020 he founded the Web Radio Dj Osso Radio.

The originality of Dj Osso consists in the fact of producing a Dj set outside the normal schemes, based on vintage music (’70s – ’80s- ’90s and Happy) with contaminations of house music current commercial.

DJ Osso’s discography

In 2012 he released the single “Party Gitano” in collaboration with Eddy Rox.

In 2014 Happy Edition Compilation Vol.1 was released directly at No. 1 in the charts Italian sales compilations.

In 2015 Happy Edition Compilation Vol.2 was released, also directly at No. 1 of the Italian sales compilation charts.

In 2016 Happy Edition Compilation Vol.3 is released and like the two previous editions enters direct to N.1 of the Italian sales compilation charts.

In 2017 the single “E parte un coro” was released.

October 2017 wins the Golden Ring for “Voices in the shadows” (National Dubbing Festival as the best Italian radio program.

March 2019 the compilation “Dual Core Anni 80 Italo Disco” is released, also this enters directly at N.1 of the sales compilation charts in Italy.

September 2020 the compilation “Dual Core Anni 80 Italo Disco Vol. 2” is released and enters directly to N.2 of the compilation sales charts in Italy.

DJ Osso’s Social Networks

You can follow DJ Osso on his official social profiles: