stefania caretta

Stefania Caretta was born in Alessandria but has always lived in Asti, she obtained the diploma of master of art and architecture, in 2013 she attended the comics course at the School of Comics and Animation in Asti and in the same year she began as an inker at the Luigi Piccatto working on the tables of Dylan Dog, Nathan Never and Brendon, and the Graphic Novel from Caporetto to victory, here she met Giulia Francesca Massaglia working on the tables of the nightmare investigator.

At the same time for a short time, she collaborated as a cartoonist with the publishing house Inkiostro Editions, on short stories and on the tables of Paranoid Boyd and 16.

She collaborated for Sergio Bonelli Editore also on the tables of the series the stories on the book the mystery of the lake then in 2018 the real collaboration with Giulia begins by becoming part of the publishing house Astorina on the tables of the great Diabolik and then continue on the regular series and here Le Diabolike are born.

Together they also collaborate for Etro, a Milanese fashion house.

She is currently an inker for the Astorina publishing house on the tables of Diabolik and grande Diabolik, and for Spain as a concept, character artist and Storyboard Artist at the Mundi Collection.