Silver e Lupo Alberto

Silver (born Guido Silvestri) was born in Carpi, in the province of Modena, in 1952. At a very young age he met Bonvi, the creator of the Sturmtruppen, and began to frequent his studio, becoming one of his assistants: he worked with him on Nick Carter, Captain Posapiano and Cattivik.

It was Bonvi himself who pushed him, in 1973, to create his own series, which was to be entitled The McKenzie Farm and was to be published in issue 1 of a newspaper… which closed after number 0. But again thanks to his friend, the project landed on the desk of the director of the Corriere dei Ragazzi Giancarlo Francesconi, who liked it. The editor and friend of Silver Alfredo Castelli decided to change the title, and so in 1974 Lupo Alberto, the creature that made him famous, made his debut.

The blue wolf, in fact, soon became the protagonist of a series of “comics on TV” on Supergulp and his strips were published in volumes, magazines and, from 1985, finally in a magazine dedicated to him still published today.

In the meantime, Silver also drew stories of Cattivik, a character given to him by Bonvi, directed the magazine Eureka for a year (1982-1983)  in tandem with Castelli and carried out an endless series of projects straddling comics and social commitment. One of them is the AIDS awareness campaign Come ti frego il virus (How do I screw you the virus)  created in 1991 for the Ministry of Health.