Paolo Caselli was born in Rimini on September 15, 1973. Passionate about music and theater, he began playing the guitar during high school, when he also began to try his hand at writing for the theater and in musical composition.

He spent a few years abroad, between Kenya, Egypt, Mexico and the Caribbean, working as an animator, before returning permanently to Italy, to found, involving his brother Claudio Caselli already established guitarist, Les Margot. He writes the lyrics of about twenty songs in rock-electronic style.

To combine his passions, music and theater, he joined a musical company and, after a short time, wrote Ritorno alla Divina Commedia, a musical inspired by Dante’s work, also staged in the USA with the title Back to the Divine Comedy.

Today he works as a foreign salesman and draws inspiration, for his writings and for the characters of his stories, in the daily life of peoples even very far from Italy.

Level 5 was written between Rimini, Spain and Portugal and is his first novel.