Butterfly effect

Giulia Della Ciana, aka Myu, was born in Rome on April 29, 1993.

Being passionate about manga drawing since she was a child, she decided to study to make it her profession, attending specialization schools, such as Manga campus and Lucca manga school, to deepen her initial studies as a self-taught and refine the techniques of Japanese comics.

Among his most important manga is Butterfly Effect, a bestseller from the Mangasenpai publishing house. The first paper issue was published in preview in November 2014 on the occasion of Luccacomics and, with annual and sometimes semi-annual issues, the series has reached number 12, the last one, released last year.

In 2024, the first issue of the Perfect edition of Butterfly Effect was released. A reboot, therefore rewritten and redesigned from scratch, which combines many parts of history still unpublished, with all the technical experience that the author has gained in these years of publications, poured into a work that has already given so much to its readers, but still has a lot to give.