Maurizio Iorio, known on the web as Kirio1984, grew up with a passion for anime and manga.

In 2010 he landed on YouTube to share his passion and began to create documentary videos on the history of the manga, as well as reviews and insights.

In 2020 he opens a Twitch channel to bring the dissemination of this art to an even wider audience and to be able to expand the dissemination of comics more than ever, making direct with his opinions on manga, interviews with authors, voice actors, colleagues and other personalities of the nerd world and also talking about current affairs related to this world.

He collaborates with all the most important Italian publishing houses, participates in meetings at the main trade fairs, writes articles for the manga magazine Senpai Plus and in 2022 Anche mio nonno era un otaku (Even my grandfather was an otaku), his first book on the history of manga, was published by Mondadori Electa Junior.