Kai Iden

Kai Iden is an electronic pop artist, who masterfully reinterprets Kpop hits.

He sings covers of songs of very fashionable Kpop groups (BlackPink, Big-Bang, Taemin…) in Korean, English and sometimes in French, with lyrics rewritten by him. An example? Take a look at his cover of singer Taemin, on YouTube

Versatile artist, in his concerts he performs both in covers from the world of Asian pop and in his personal creations.

He has released 2 pop-electro style albums: Midnight Sun in 2016 and Reset in 2021.

The French loyal audience to South Korea and Japan has known him for a long time for often being a guest of comics and games festivals, but also the general public has known him thanks to the participation in the television program France’s Got Talent in November 2021, where he performed his original song Dance.