Johnny Faina

My name is Johnny Faina, even though I am born in Alfonsine as Nicolò Valandro. They were born in ’93, the same year that Jurassic Park came out.

I am Aquarius Cancer ascendant, which makes me “a charming, soft and affectionate person” at least according to Grazia‘s horoscope.

In my life I deal with theater, communication and podcasts. After the first radio experiments in 2012, I resumed my activity as an author in 2020 by launching two podcasts, Decameron and Is there life in the Great Agricultural Nothing?, a radio drama that tells the mysteries of the Bermuda Po Valley Triangle and which in 2023 won the award for best podcast fiction at the Italian Podcast Awards.

In addition to the podcast activity, with the Grande Nulla Agricolo I tour Italy bringing our live show, with more than 50 dates to my credit.

In 2024, the podcast also became a role-playing game for Grumpy Bear Stuff: A Guide to the Mysteries of the Great Agricultural Nothing. I currently live in Milan, a well-known city in Lombardy.