Jack Sensolini

Jack Sensolini (Cattolica, 1988), is the creator and godfather, together with Luca Mazza, of the literary movement Ignoranza Eroica.

He made his debut in 2017 with the Italian grimdark Il Ballo degli Infami, published by Watson editions. In 2018 he founded the publishing brand Lethal Books. In the same year, the punk-apocalyptic seaside Riviera Napalm was released, which was followed by the anthology PenisolAtomica. Editor of the anthologies N di meNare, L’Amore ai Tempi del meNare and Manifesto and Fratelli di Taglia.

In 2019 he publishes, again with Luca Mazza, the grimdark very dark Vilùpera, tracing the borders of the Kingdom of Taglia. 2021 is the year of Mattanza, the second chapter of the saga, and of the short novel Shroud. In 2022 they publish Apocalemme and the dark pirate Maladriatico, I Pirati dello Sleale, also from the Taglia Saga.

In 2023 he created Mano Sinistra – NecroBriscola rpg, published by Hollow Press, a hellish adventure role-playing game with an original system set in the Four Pastures. The manual contains a personalized deck of Briscola cards produced by the historic Dal Negro card company.

In 2024, Bugìfera is released,  the sixth and final chapter of the Taglia saga.