Giorgio Vanni

Giorgio Vanni is an artist, singer and musician, known mainly because he is the voice of the cartoon theme songs that have accompanied the adolescence of all of us from the 90s onwards.

In the early 80s he founded the band Tomato, with which he performed throughout Italy for more than 10 years and made some singles and an album with producers Angelo Carrara, Roberto Colombo and Mauro Paoluzzi. In 1992 he brought the group to Sanremo with the song of his composition Sai cosa sento per te.

In 1994 he recorded the CD “Grande Cuore” produced by Eugenio Finardi, who also wrote the lyrics of most of the songs. In 1995 he was part of the fixed cast of the transmission Generation X conducted by Ambra Angiolini.

From 1995 he began collaborating with Max Longhi, with whom he wrote and produced songs for important artists such as Laura Pausini, Ricardo Montaner, Mietta Sergio Dalma and Japanese hits, Super Lover for the successful boyband W-inds and Banzai sung by Misa.

With Max he founded the company Lova Music, whose main activity is the composition and production of music for television, in particular, since 1998, the theme songs of the most beloved cartoons broadcast by Mediaset television networks, such as Pokémon, Dragon Ball, Detective Conan, One Piece and many others including those interpreted by Cristina D’Avena.

Many of these acronyms are now revived by Giorgio in live shows produced and directed in collaboration with the partner Max Longhi. Even today he is the voice of many commercials – such as those of the famous Hot Wheels cars – and is the Testimonial of the Movieland Park Amusement Park.

Toon Tunz is available on all digital platforms and in music stores.

The Captain and the Admiral never stop, in fact they continue to produce original songs even outside the world of acronyms, to which they always remain linked.