Giada Romano

Also known as “Giada-chan” or “Lost Jade”, Giada Romano was born in Monza on December 9, 1988.

Since elementary school, thanks to the anime Ranma 1/2, he has been passionate about the world of Manga and Japan.

She draws non-stop all day on anything and at the age of 12 she begins to send many drawings to the Magazine Pokèmon World of which she was a passionate reader, starting to make herself known thanks to the numerous publications in the “Your Drawings” category of the magazine.

She attended the artistic high school of Lecco in the academy address, and for a single year the School of Comics in Milan at the Humorous address, having to leave it for problems in the family.

In recent times she opened an online store called Milkshop, where she alone creates, prints and designs t-shirts and accessories in kawaii style with which she participates in comic fairs as a standist.

In 2010 she began to make himself known on Youtube thanks to his Manga tutorials and his Draw my life.

In 2015 she published the number 1 of Riflessi di Luce, the first volume of his series made in manga technique of the Josei genre, with his old publishing house.

In 2018 she became an entrepreneur of herself by opening a publishing house called Edizioni Prismatics, thus independently publishing many emerging authors of the Italian comics scene and her series “Riflessi di Luce” from number 4, thus definitively separating the streets from Mangasenpa