Don Alemanno

Don Alemanno is the first Italian cartoonist to have “exploded” on Facebook.

In 2012 he began – almost for fun – to publish his cartoons featuring Jesus, immediately obtaining a strong following, so much so that in less than a year he reached his first sixty thousand followers. This led him, in early 2013, to be nominated for the Macchianera Award 2013 as “Best Revelation” and to be contacted by various publishing companies including Magic Press, with which he would soon begin his professional career.

Today his Jenus page has about 430,000 subscribers and his comic production has more than 30 volumes published, with MagicPress, Mondadori and Poliniani.

He currently runs his Confessional Podcast on YouTube and has just published the volume Pills of Jenus – The Fourth Dose with Tora Editions.

For a year he has been treading the stages of fairs with shows focused on censorship in anime in Italy, with the format Alla Balla Spaziale.