Lunas court

Corte di Lunas is a folk/medieval rock band from northern Italy.

In their 10 years of activity and through many performances in Italy and abroad, the band has created a peculiar chemistry that pervades their compositions and live shows.

With their unique costumes and strong stage presence, they keep the eyes of the audience glued to the performance.

The music of the Court of Lunas amazes and moves the audience at the same time.

The powerful blend of folk and rock, enriched with medieval and pagan influences, crosses the boundaries of the genre-specific scene.

Polyphonic choirs and theatrical influences empower stories and create new horizons to build bridges instead of walls.


Giordana Gismano
Martina Fabris
Riccardo Olivo
David Bressani
Nicolas Nicoletti
Maria Teresa Vivianetti
Massimo Girardi
main vocals
percussion hurdy-gurdy
drums, percussion