Domenico Guastafierro noto come Cavernadiplatone

Domenico Guastafierro is a content creator and manga writer, known by his nickname CavernaDiPlatone.

He was the first in Italy to start talking about manga on Youtube, reaching millions of views. Later he held the role of editor-in-chief for the television station Neko TV, and as a comic actor he won the Mediaset 8mm Comedy Award.

As a popularizer, he has entertained stages throughout Italy, contributing to the spread of Japanese manga and anime culture.

He currently collaborates with the major Italian publishers in the communication and promotion of manga. He writes for Senpai Plus.

His manga: Ex-Tract (2019, Shockdom), Arkai-On (2021, Waku Manga).

He is a guest at Cartoon Club and Riminicomix in collaboration with Millenium Shop 5.