Arte Zeta Studio

Arte Zeta Studio is an art workshop with a contagious passion for the universe of manga and anime. Founded in Padua, this vibrant artistic reality has honed its ability to capture the essence of iconic characters and fantastic scenery through painting.

The artists of Arte Zeta Studio transform the blank canvas into a vibrant and dynamic world. Their paintings are a mix of bold colors, flowing lines, and enchanting details. Each brushstroke tells a story, and each character comes to life under their expert hands.

The jewel in the crown of Arte Zeta Studio is the exclusive license for the anime Lupin Terzo. For more than 13 years, the paintings of Lupin and his gang have become the studio’s signature icon. Fans of this legendary gentleman thief can admire their works in exhibitions, conventions, and art galleries.

But Arte Zeta Studio doesn’t just paint in their studios. They also perform fascinating live painting sessions during comic book fairs. Viewers can witness the evolution of a painting as the artists create it, capturing the energy and magic of the creative process.

Whether you are a fan of manga, anime or simply an art lover, Arte Zeta Studio will welcome you to a world of colors and emotions.