Antonello Venditti

Born in 1975, Antonello Venditti won his first drawing competition at the age of 8. He exhibited in two solo exhibitions in 1991 and 1993 and studied Metal Art and Goldsmithing at the I.S.A. and Painting at the A.B.A. in Rome.

He collects various prizes for extemporaneous painting, national and international competitions. Selected as an Italian painter at the Art Beijing 2010 International Art Fair, exhibiting at the World Trade Center in Beijing. Manzu Prize 2014, Caresio Prize 2016 and selection in the 50 OverLuk 2017 awards.

He creates covers for various publishers, including Fanucci editore. He has illustrated covers for big names in international fantasy literature, including: Robert Jordan, Robin Hobb, John Gwynne and Megan Whalen Turner, Tasha Suri, Raymond E. Feist, James Islinghton, SabaaTahir, Kylie Lee Baker, Richard Swan.