As an illustrator he publishes at a very young age with Grenade Press, Mainichi Shinbun (one of Japan’s largest newspapers) and regularly writes articles for Star Comics and Kappa Editions.

In Japan he is known for having created original comic books by Lupin III for the Futabasha (the official publisher of the character) and has worked as an intercalator in TV series Virtua Fighter and Animaniacs Inside the Animation StudioTelecom Animation Film, a study conducted at the time by Yasuo Otsuka. At that time he had the opportunity to intersperse some scenes in animation of the Princess Mononoke by the director Hayao Miyazaki.

Currently he works mainly as an illustrator, creates numerous posters for national events and labels for various companies, publishes monthly comic strips in the magazine Fumo di China and illustrations in Nippon Shock Magazine, both of which are distributed nationally in newsstands and comic shops. In July 2023 he was the illustrator for the fortieth international meeting of the Fiat 500 Club Italia for which he also made a manga dedicated to the mythical Cinquino. In the same year, he published a self-contained manga for Lo Scarabocchiatore Edizioni.

He is currently working on a manga manual to be released in 2024 and two picture books. He is the character designer and illustrator for the characters Princigoccia and Rosagoccia published by Edizioni di Nanna and Progedit.

He teaches manga drawing techniques at two comic schools in Bari. He sometimes collaborates with Japanese anime production companies, is often invited to events, organizes, sets up or coordinates comic book exhibitions (The Rooms of Desire by Milo Manara, Enzo Rizzi, Roberto Recchioni, Hayama Jun-ichi and others). One of his paintings is in the museum dedicated to Maurice Leblanc.

In addition to Italian, he is fluent in Japanese, having lived in Japan for more than 10 years.

He is a historian and collector of Lupin III and a scholar of the writer Maurice Leblanc.

He translates manga for Nippon Shock Editions and SaldaPress. A short animated film of him appears in the director’s latest film Ivano de Matteo, My (2023). He is the author of the ending theme of the award-winning short film Daisuke Jigen by director Agostino Di Cio (2022).