Cartoon Club hosts the project Nagasaki Beyond – Mix For Peace: a set of events linked by the themes of Japan and peace.

The project was born thanks to the relationships that the Issho Ni San Marino Japan Association maintains with the Land of the Rising Sun and, on the other hand, from the strong interest of Cartoon Club for the Manga and Anime world, real phenomena among the young people of our continent, whose themes bear the signs of the atomic experience that touched the Japanese nation.

The project was approved by the Toshiba International Foundation whose mission is to make Japanese culture known abroad but also to make all the “citizenships” dialogue in the sign of harmony, inclusion and interaction.

The goal is to promote the culture of peace, through the eyes of the Japanese people. Japan was the only country in the world to have experienced the horror of the nuclear holocaust twice, a tragedy that has been branded in the collective consciousness of an entire people, which has adopted a pacifist constitution that provides for the renunciation of the possession of offensive weapons.

Starting from the contents of Anime and Manga, the project brings together different cultural experiences in a single path that strongly affirms a decisive no to war:

– the photographic exhibition Nagasaki Beyond, which tells the effects of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki

– the conference The culture of peace: from Goldrake to Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, during which international speakers will talk about peace and how Japan dealt with it after the Second World War

– the screening of the animated film The Tomb of the Fireflies, in which the master Isao Takahata recounts the horrors of war seen from the eyes of two children

– the presentation of the Peace Bell, created by Chiyoji Nakagawa and donated to the UN as a symbol of peace

The project is organized by

ACLI Arte e Spettacolo aps Sede Provinciale di Rimini

Cartoon Club – International Animation Film Festival of comics and games

Kyoto HBS Museum – Buddhist Museum

ISSHO-NI association | San Marino – Japan

Under the patronage of

United Nations Information Centre

Municipality of Rimini

Province of Rimini

Emilia-Romagna Region

State Secretariat for Education and Culture – San Marino

Japanese Cultural Institute

Ministry of Culture

Honorary Consulate General of Japan to the Republic of San Marino

With the contribution of

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