Joy - Cartoon Club 2022
manifesto Cartoon Club - Riminicomix 2022 senza grafiche
campana della pace giapponese
Cartoon Club 38° edizione
manifesto Cartoon Club - Riminicomix 2022
Mix for Peace - campana della pace
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  • Nagasaki Beyond Project – Mix For Peace
    Cartoon Club hosts the project Nagasaki Beyond – Mix For Peace: a set of events linked by the themes of Japan and peace.
  • Cartoon Club and Riminicomix 2022 poster
    The poster of the 2022 edition is dedicated to Diabolik and Eva Kant!

    The poster was created by Giulia Massaglia and Stefania Caretta, the only designers to have worked on the series from 1963 to today

  • Be Vertical: video festival for short films
    Cartoon Club grows with a new competition: Be Vertical, a competition for young and very young authors passionate about vertical cinema.
    The first edition is entitled Be Vertical: Ambiente and is dedicated to the theme of the environmental emergency.