Faith in Strips Award 2024

XX Edition

The Cartoon Club Festival is proud to announce the 2024 edition of the Faith in Strips Award, a unique recognition in Italy. This award is given to the Italian production, published in the last 2 years, which has best conveyed religious values through the approach of comics.

The jury is composed of critics, reviewers, journalists, and professionals operating in the world of comics. The goal is to improve the exchange and circulation of works often condemned to oblivion and rejection.

Since 2011, the Award has been named after Roberto Ramberti and since 2021 also after his wife Armanda Amati, Franciscan tertiaries committed to people with disabilities and marginalized. A sincere thanks from the Festival to the Ramberti family, who supports this award, and especially to Alessandro, owner of Fara Editore.

The award enjoys the Patronage of the FISC (Italian Federation of Diocesan Weeklies).

We hope that the Faith in Strips Award can serve as inspiration for artists and enthusiasts, and that it can continue to be a beacon of hope and unity in the contemporary cultural landscape.