“You see how the smoke trembles and clings under the roof, how he was afraid of the unknown. Yet if it hovered in the air it would find an infinite space to twirl. But perhaps he does not know, and so he is hidden here trembling and restless. With men it happens the same. They wander restlessly like so many leaves in the wind for what they know and for what they do not know.”

Ingmar Bergman, The Fountain of the Virgin

Observing the shadow of the smoke on the sand, Leonardo compared the motions of water and those of air. During his stay in Rimini in 1502 as an engineer and military advisor in the wake of Cesare Borgia, Leonardo was amazed by the sound harmony generated by the water spouts of the main fountain of the city.

Carloni-Franceschetti’s video installation elaborates Leonardo’s similarities between rivers, water veins and blood vessels.

What you see and hear is generated by reflections and speculations and to dominate is the theme of the double: the two mothers of Leonardo, the two versions of the Virgin of the rocks, the ambivalence between angelic

Video and installation

Cristiano Carloni

Stefano Franceschetti

Original sound

Paolo Marzocchi



Cartoon Club, Rimini 2022

The program 2022

Event location and date

from 13 to 17 July from 21:30 to 00:00
Sismondo Castle
Piazza Malatesta
47900 Rimini

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